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Our Scrap Yard in Windham, NH, Turns Your Junk Into Cash!

S & S Metals and Recycling is a scrap yard that brings together people in Windham, NH, who have materials they want to get rid of, and people looking for materials to use in their projects. We have many items, including used auto parts and roll-off dumpsters. If you’ve got a project that requires large quantities of scrap metal, check out our wrecking yard. For cash value, we also buy scrap metals like copper, aluminum, and iron from residential and commercial customers.

Scrap & Salvage

At S & S Metals and Recycling, we believe in the power of metal recycling. That’s why we’re proud to offer our scrap yard service—it’s a great way to ensure your old, broken items get a second chance at life! We offer a range of prices depending on what kinds of metals our junkyard is taking in, but we will always give you the best price possible. We’ll help you figure out exactly how much your scrap is worth so that you can be sure that we are paying a fair price.

Get in Touch With Us

We offer scrap yard services in Windham, NH, where you can bring all the scrap metal you have, and we will buy it from you. We understand that sometimes you may need to get rid of scrap metal quickly—so we offer same-day pickup service! If you need help getting rid of your scrap metal, give us a call.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jay Aub Avatar
Jay Aub
1/24/2021 - Google

Great. All around.

Jim Spanos Avatar
Jim Spanos
3/24/2020 - Google

They came 2 hours after I called and removed 3 40 yard dumpsters in three days. I needed a miracle... read more

Ben Duncan Avatar
Ben Duncan
3/24/2018 - Google

S & S have always treated us well, they pick up our metal and take junk cars out when needed.

Caroline Wilson Avatar
Caroline Wilson
3/24/2018 - Google

I called 5 different junk removal places in the area...S & S not only gave me the highest offer for... read more